Comfrey with Mortar

Devi Mukta infuses our oil base in small batches with many herbs for healing including comfrey. This oil base is then the foundation of our healing balm.

Comfrey (also comphrey) is a common name for plants in the genus symphytum. Comfrey species are important herbs in organic gardening. It is used as a fertilizer and as an herbal medicine. The plant contains the small organic molecule allotting, which is thought to stimulate cell growth and repair while also depressing inflammation. In modern herbalism, comfrey is most commonly used topically.

Comfrey has large, rough, hairy, and lance-shaped leaves with whitish, pink, or purple flower spikes which have a slight heliotrope like curl typical of this family. It is native to much of Europe, and various regions in Asia such as the Caucasus, Kazakhstan, Siberia, and Turkey, and is commonly found as a weed in temperate northern latitudes. The common name ‘comfrey’ is derived from the Latin ‘con firma’ alluding to this plants purported use of knitting bones back together, and the Greek word ‘symphyo’ which is the root of the generic name, Symphytum also meaning ‘to unite.’