Venus Rose Salt Scrub

Jasmine flowers isolated on a white background.

Venus Rose Salt Scrub

with Rose, jasmine, marjoram, and vanilla.

Slough away the old and embrace the new! This scrub will renew your heart and soul, cleaning away anything unwanted and calling in your divine essence.  Remember who you are and allow your spirit to resonate with your deepest truest desires.

-clears away negativity

-mothering, nurturing and embracing

-keeps you feeling charged and feeling happy

Application: Use twice weekly, dampen skin in bath or shower then massage towards the heart, rinse and feel delicious.



Venus Rose Salt Scrub Ingredients: Epsom salt,*sunflower oil, almond oil, *hemp oil, **calendula flwrs, *blue violet leaf, *chamomile flwrs, *comfrey leaf, **mugwort, **plaintain leaf, *aloe vera, vitamin E, essential oils of: *rose, jasmine, *marjoram, vanilla; Venus Rose Essence.