The midwife of Devi Mukta is often found in the company of faeries, whispering in her ear the latest synergistic formula. With a lineage of herbal masters she has the heart and mind aligned wight he highest grade of alchemical body and soul creations.  Also, formalizing her passion into a Masters Degree in Natural Health.

Captivated by the majesty and potency of the mineral and plant kingdoms.  Findng balance in nature among the elements is the inspiration for Devi Mukta carrying the vital force and intention of Devi Mukta alchemical apothecary into the greater world.

Devi Mukta was created in Kona, Hawaii on the largest Hawaiian Island.  Here the land or in Hawaiian ‘aina speaks very articulately.  People are connected to the great mother and have a deep appreciation for all the comes from this beautiful planet.  A place where the creative elements of fire, water, earth and air are alive and active in the daily life of all our relationships.