Undercover Angel Balm

Marjoram on White


Undercover Angel Balm

with Lavender, rhododendron, yang-ylang, ginger, and lotus

Undercover Angel formula adds potency to this powerful balm making it the anti-dote to many of life’s woes, sometimes we just need to remember is how beloved we are by our fellow angelic beings.  This is just the unctuous healing balm that can do the trick.

-soothes emotions and opens the heart

-warms hands and feet

-enhances self-confidence

-assists in calling in and allowing all that you want to manifest in life

Application for balm: Apply as needed to unbroken skin, may help with cracked, dry eczema, burns and bites and just plain feeling good.  Use liberally.

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Undercover Angel Balm Ingredients: *sunflower oil, almond oil, *hemp oil, **calendula flwrs, *blue violet leaf, *chamomile flwrs, *comfrey leaf, **mugwort, **plantain leaf, aloe vera, beeswax, Vitamin E, Essential Oils of: **lavender, rhododendron, ylang-ylang, *ginger, white lotus; Venus Rose Essence.