Undercover Angel Bath Salt

Macro shot of wild camomile over white.

Undercover Angel Bath Salt

with Lavender, ylang-ylang, rhododendron, ginger and lotus.

Soaking in a tub is one of the best forms of healing shared throughout the world, bathing increases circulation and leaves you feeling renewed and relaxed.

-induces a meditative state

-open heart and increase vital force energy

-release emotional stress

-harmonize energy

Use for bath salts: Place one third cup in a bath, soak your precious body and remember how cherished you are.



Undercover Angel Bath Salt Ingredients: Epsom salt, *sunflower oil, almond oil, *hemp oil, **calendula flwrs, *blue violet leaf, *chamomile flwrs, *comfrey leaf, **mugwort, **plaintain leaf, vitamin E, essential oils of: **lavender, rhododendron, yang-ylang, *ginger, lotus; Venus Rose Essence.