Venus Rose Essence



The Venus Rose Essence was crafted with an organic white tea rose that was given to Devi Mukta.  Using traditional flower essence practices the essence was created using the rose and the energies of Venus while it was transiting the sun, or passing over the sun from the perspective of the Earth.

During the Eight years that Venus makes one revolution around the Earth it traces the pattern of a rose around the Earth. Roses are a symbol of love, affection, beauty, compassion and purity.  By infusing the rose essence with the powers of Venus we have exponentially increased the beauty and grace infused in the Venus Rose Essence.

The Venus Rose Essence is that cornerstone that elevates Devi Mukta into the realm of being homeopathic and alchemical.  We believe that treating our entire being including our energy body is the foundation of true wellness.  How you feel translates into the world and is reflected back exponentially.